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Live life in full bloom!!

The optimal garden blooms over many consecutive seasons and offers pollen and nectar from early Spring until
late Autumn for all our bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators.

Providing food and habitats for all our insects and pollinators
by sowing and growing seeds.

Alternatively, browse the full range at your leisure.

Creating habitats for the bees and insects!

As a garden photographer, I have noticed a sharp decline in the number of insects that visit my garden. Not only in the different number of bee species but also the number of other insects. Birds are facing problems too as they feed on the insects!

I’d like to try to do something to help boost the number of my local populations by providing pollen and nectar all year round.

Where ever you live, you can help too.

You don’t need a large garden to sow a small patch of wildflowers or cottage garden flowers. A large-ish pot on a balcony will do. And if that’s not possible then sprinkle some seeds along the edge of a footpath or close to a hedgerow.

Alternatively, encourage the kids to nuture their own little patch so they can watch how things grow and enjoy natures’ wildlife as they go about their daily business.

Every flower helps!!

A collection of garden related gifts that won’t break the bank!

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A selection of Grow Kits and Gift Sets

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Skillfully crafted Artisan-made goods

In every gardener, there is a child who believed in the seed fairy!

A little about
Grandma’s Garden.

I’ve been a keen gardener since we got our very first house in 1983, I still am.

I’m also an office manager. I’m a nature photographer who loves bugs, I occasionally shoot models too. I enjoy creating websites. AND I’m a frustrated digital artist.

I’m also a Grandma to 3 very gorgeous grand-children.

Life can be hectic, but it can all be forgotten sitting in the garden watching and listening to the hustle and bustle in the flower beds as the insects go about their daily business.

A cup of tea to kick-start the day.
A spot of gardening to soothe the soul.
A nice gin and tonic to watch the sun go down.

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New Book Store

New Book Store

Grandma's Garden Book Store. I'm really excited - I'm opening an on-line Book Store! Wait, What? I know, it sounds insane but I'm loving every minute of it. I have several gardening type books and have been thinking of reviewing some of them for the blog but then I...

Kitchen Dye Workshop

Kitchen Dye Workshop

Kitchen Dye Workshop: You've probably noticed the past couple of months that I've taken an interest in creating a dyeing garden. I am a complete novice in this subject, so I wanted to see how it was done properly before embarking head-on with my new found interest....



Snowdrops at Colesbourne Park. Deep in the heart of the Churn Valley in the Cotwolds, you'll find Colesbourne Park; home to one of the largest collections of snowdrops in the UK. Set in 10 acres of private gardens and woodland walks, this garden comes alive in the...

All Change

All Change

All Change! It's all change in the seed store for 2021. When I developed the concept for Grandma's Garden in January 2020, I had big dreams. My aim was to get the seed store open by March ready for the big sowing months. Unfortunately life got in the way and it didn't...

Creating a dyeing garden

Creating a dyeing garden

Creating a dyeing garden. You know when you have a thought and then several related things happen within a very short space of time? Yes, I've had one recently. The end result is I'm creating a dyeing garden. It all started during Lockdown 1 in late spring. Unable to...

Planning Next Year’s Garden

Planning Next Year’s Garden

Planning next year's garden I love planning. I love making list of things to do. And after the year we've just had, what better way to spend the Christmas and New Year holiday than planning next year's garden. We've lived here for 20+ years so the planning doesn't...

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