All Change

Jan 30, 2021 | New Products

All change in the seed store with seed bundles

All Change!

It’s all change in the seed store for 2021.

When I developed the concept for Grandma’s Garden in January 2020, I had big dreams. My aim was to get the seed store open by March ready for the big sowing months. Unfortunately life got in the way and it didn’t open until April. But by then Covid 19 was taking a hold and we’d gone into lockdown!

As a new start-up I’d missed most of the seasonal trade but did make some sales, thanks to my lovely customers. As December arrived I resolved to be ahead of the game and not miss out this time – only I’d forgotten about the potential impact of Brexit!

Many of the large seed suppliers had large quantities delivered at the end of 2020 to avoid any Brexit taxes, import tariffs and delays that might have arisen. My intention was to do the main order seeds in December, which I did, and a 2nd one in January. Only things didn’t quite go to plan; I think the rest of the industry had the same idea in December. Throw in another lockdown and demand has rocketed with many of the UK wholesalers limiting the time their websites and phone lines are open for orders, I’m still trying to put my  order through.

So it’s back to square one – well nearly!

Going forward

I’ve taken a step back and had a good look at the way I’m set up. I know that I have a limited amount of stock and resources so can’t compete with the big suppliers. I realise that people can be put off buying single item and then have to pay postage and packing which is a similar price, so in effect doubling the cost.

To minimise a few of the issues, I’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. Single packets will be replaced by seed bundles, with the exception of wildflowers. Each bundle will contain 3 -5 packets of seeds. They will be of a similar type i.e. grown for foliage or edible or favoured by insects etc. Plus there will be FREE P&P on all seed bundles. As I’m unable to fully replenish my stock yet, there will be a limited number of bundles and once they’re gone – they are gone.

For now it’s all change, and let’s see what happens in 2021!


Michelle x


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