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Gift Sets

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Grow Kits

Create a herb garden on your windowsill.

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Soap is to the body, what laughter is to the soul!

Grandma's Garden Gift Store

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Discover the perfect gifts for the gardener in your world.

Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together.

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Gift sets

The perfect gift for a very special person.

We all know someone, whether it’s a relative or a friend, with a passion for gardening, but when it comes to giving them a gift we’re often stumped.

The solution to your dilemma can be found in a little gift box, bursting with colour, fragrance and blooms that flower throughout the year!

Each collection of seeds in my Gift Sets are perfect for bees, butterflies and gardeners alike.

To plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow!

Grow Kits

Grow Kits

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden or a reasonable growing space. But there’s no reason why they should miss out on the joy of nurturing some seeds, watching them grow and reap the rewards.

Why not buy them a Grow Kit!

Each Grow Kit contains all you need to set up a little garden on your windowsill.

There are 5 kits to chose from. Traditional and spicey herbs for cooking enthusiasts. Edible herbs for a little extra colour and flavour. And Ginfusions for the adventurous gin officianaldo (can also be used with vodka).

The word “fruit” is a botanical term, while “vegetable” is a culinary term.

Artist Made

Artist Made

When we think of a garden our thoughts automatically turn to flowers, grass, trees and perhaps the sounds of the insects which visit our little plots. They inspire us to use essential oils and plant dye, honey and beeswax or our own personal artistic skills to create unique products.

Grandma’s Garden will be inviting local artists, ceramacists, soap-makers and other crafters to join us, each one motivated by the garden and it’s inhabitants.

The first of our lovely artisan suppliers is Mitcheldean Soap. But we’ve only a limited supply so you’ll need to be quick before they’re all gone.

More Artisan crafters will be joining us in 2021.

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies

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