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Since 1983

Grandma’s Garden is a venture that has emerged from what I love doing the most – being in my garden.

Drinking tea, a spot of flower arranging, photographing garden insects, creating my very own suburban jungle and enjoying all the hard work that goes with it, with a G&T or glass of wine to hand – what’s not to love?

There is a certain pleasure in sowing and nurturing a seed. Putting the young plant in the ground and waiting for it to bloom. I love the flowers that I grow throughout our wonderful seasons.

And then there are the residents and visitors . . .

The arrival of Spring brings a hint of anticipation in the air as the numerous visitors start to arrive on their annual vacation. Some are regulars, others are newcomers, some stay all year round – all are very welcome in Grandma’s Garden.

And best bit of all; taking 5 mins out to relax and enjoy it all.

Sow a little Happiness

Meet the Team

When I say team, I really mean me and my assistants.

I have 8 assistants in total but only 2 or 3 make a regular attempt to turn up to work!!



Suki Sioux


My Ethos

I have a chemical free garden. I’m very proud that not one chemical has been used in the garden since the day we moved into our current house in 1997!

Everything in the garden is recycled, nothing goes to waste. I have 4 composts bins and a wormery that work hard during the summer months to supply fresh nutrients to the flower beds.

I make my own seedling pots from old newspapers. Labels are either biodegradable bamboo markers, flint markers or colour coded sticks.

The seeds we sell are sourced from the best UK based suppliers to guarantee quality and responsible sourcing.

All additional packaging is fully recyclable.


All contents are extremely insect friendly.

Our Promise 

At Grandma’s Garden we sell wildflower seeds, cottage garden seeds and herb seeds.

These are not just any old seeds

They are the favourite flowers of the bees, butterflies and other garden insects.


High Quality

All our seeds our sourced from UK suppliers, guaranteeing quality and responsible sourcing.


100% Untreated

All our seeds are ordered and supplied as chemically untreated by our UK supplier. 


Always Fresh

We only sell from the current years stock. No seeds are carried over to the following year.


100% Recyclable

All our packaging is 100% recyclable.
Our gardening methods are too!

Increasing the insect population one flower at a time!

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