Annual Summer Bee Wildflower Mix

Annual Summer Bee wildflower mix is bright and beautiful, producing nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects.
Features shades of Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink.

100% Annual Flower Seed Mix.

Available in 3 different quantities.

The image shows just some of the flowers found in this mix. Please see below for the full list.

plant size

Plant Size

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Ideal type of garden

Ideal Garden

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ideal position


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Annual Summer Bee wildflower mix is bright and beautiful, producing nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects.

100% Annual Flower Seed Mix with no grasses.

  • Features shades of Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink.
  • Contains: Borage, Corn Marigold, Cornflower, Crimson clover, Evening Primrose, Gold of Pleasure, Linseed, Phacelia, Sainfoin, Sunflower (dwarf), Vetch
  • A mixture of nectar rich species to help keep the bees buzzing.
  • Formulated to give a full season of vibrant colours
  • Sow at 2.5 grams per sq/m

These are not just any old seeds, they result in the favourite flowers of the bees, butterflies and other garden insects.

Growing Advice

How to grow your seeds.

The sowing rate of 2.5 g per sq m is designed to produce optimum results. Reducing the sowing rate is likely to result in invasion from weed species. Increasing the sowing rate generally leads to reduced diversity as the more aggressive species will out compete slower growing plants.

Mix the wildflower seeds with an inert carrier (such as sharp sand), at a ratio of four parts sand to one part seed (by weight). This makes it easier to achieve an even distribution and also provides a visual marker, it also makes it easier to see any missed patches and avoid seeding areas twice.

Gently rake the soil to cover the seeds.

Water well until seeds are well established.


How to maintain your wildflowers.

First Year:

Annual Summer Bee Mix contains annual species, which are be fast to establish and flower.
During the first year remove any weeds. Weed growth is common due to the action of disturbing the ground (rather than being caused by contaminated seed mixtures).

After flowering the plants will naturally die back over the winter. Allow the plants to run to seed in autumn then cut the area down using a scythe, a strimmer or a mower, leaving the cuttings for up to a week before clearing the area. This will allow them to dry and shed seeds back into the soil.

Second Year:

Depending on your sowing preference, cultivate the ground and reseed in September or March.
Over several years of reseeding, a rich seed bank will develop and simply disturbing the soil again in early spring will be sufficient to regenerate the flowers each year.

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Annual Summer Bee Wildflower Mix

Annual Summer Bee Wildflower Mix


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