Bee Happy Seed Bundle

Bee Happy is the perfect seed bundle for the nature lover who encourages the pollinators into their gardens.

Sowing these seeds will provide a constant supply from Spring right through to late Summer and into early Autumn.

The “Bee Happy” seed bundle includes:
Borage officinalis
Digitalis – Excelsior Hybrid
Forget-me-not – Victoria Mix
Verbena bonariensis

The images shown are not necessarily the variety in this bundle.

plant size

Plant Size

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Ideal type of garden

Ideal Garden

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ideal position


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Bee Happy is perfect for the garden haven created for insects and wildlife. It includes 4 envelopes of flowers seeds, perfect for pollinators and wildlife, but also for some beautiful cut flowers.

Each flower has been chosen as they are a firm favourite of our bees and pollinators. They have also been carefully selected to ensure flowers throughout the growing season.

Sow Forget-me-not in the Autumn for Spring flowers.

Foxgloves flower in the early summer,

Borage flowers throughout the summer months, this leaves Verbena to take care of the late summer feast.

Sow each seed type in individual groups, or put then all together in a jam jar together and shake up to get a bee happy colourful mix.

Bee Happy will encourage lots of bees and pollinators to any garden.

* This bundle can also be purchased as a Gift Set.

The images shown are not necessarily the variety in this bundle.

The Seeds

A little about the flowers included in this seed bundle.

Forget-me-not – Victoria Mix: The classic forget-me-not is a popular cottage garden plant; this variety has sheets of pink, white and piercing blue flowers in spring and summer. (approx 70 seeds)

Digitalis (Foxgloves) – Excelsior Hybrid: The tall spires of Foxglove ‘Excelsior Hybrids’ produce delicate bell-shaped flowers with heavily spotted throats in pastel shades of mauve, pink, yellow or white.
Foxgloves are perfect for growing in a cottage garden, particularly towards the back of a border. There’s always a gentle buzz coming from the Foxgloves growing in my garden. (approx 250 seeds)

Borage: The classic blue flower used to decorate Pimms, summer drinks (freeze it in ice cubes) and puddings. Brilliant for pollinators and an excellent edible flower. As a cut flower it offers the vase that ‘country style’ that all the lifestyle magazines love. Did I mention that Bees go nuts for it? (approx 50 seeds)

Verbena bonariensis: A subtle haze of purple flowers at head height from late summer to autumn. Bombarded by bees and butterflies the moment there is a glimpse of sun. The stems add height to any flower arrangement and look great when dried. (approx 125 seeds)

Bee Happy will encourage lots of bees and pollinators to any garden.

* Please note the number of seeds are approximate as they are sold by weight and not physically counted .

What's included

The “Bee Happy” seed bundle includes:
Foxgloves – Excelsior
Verbena bonariensis
A plant label with each seed packet

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Bee Happy Seed Bundle

Bee Happy Seed Bundle


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