Edible Windowsill Grow Kit

Most flowers grow especially well on a windowsill, and there’s nothing better than having the ones you use these most growing fresh in the kitchen.

The Edible Windowsill Grow Kit includes:
Dianthus – Baby Doll
Nasturtium – Jewel Mix
Wild Pansy

Plus all the materials you need to grow them in your kitchen. (The full list of items can be found under the “What’s included” tab.)

The Edible Windowsill grow kit contains the 3 popular flowers which are edible and are often used in cooking, salads, baking or as floral decorations. This kits contains Dianthus, Nasturtium and Wild Pansy.

Flowers in the kitchen have been used for many years, here are my Top 5 uses for Edible Flowers.

You don't need a garden to grow tasty herbs. The Edible Windowsill herb garden brings nature indoors while also bringing you favourite fresh flavours to anything you cook or drink. A windowsill in the kitchen is the most convenient but any sunny window in your home will work.

* All of these seeds can be purchased as a Seed Bundle.

The Seeds

A little about the herbs included in this Grow Kit.

Dianthus – Baby Doll: Flowers have a clove-jasmine scent and are ideal for the fragrant garden. (approx 25 seeds)

Nasturtium – Jewel Mixed: The leaves and flowers are both edible, with a peppery flavour. (approx 8 seeds)

Wild Pansy: One of the most popular edible flowers you can grow – delicate petals of purple, cream and yellow to decorate salads and puddings; great in ice-cubes too! (approx 25 seeds)

* Please note the number of seeds are approximate as they are sold by weight and not physically counted .

What's included

The Floral GinFusion Grow Kit includes:
Dianthus – Baby Doll
Nasturtium – Jewel Mix
Wild Pansy
A plant label with each seed packet
3 coir blocks
3 metal buckets/pots
1 pair of snips (colour of handle may vary)

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Edible Windowsill Grow Kit

Edible Windowsill Grow Kit


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