Flutterby Magic Seed Bundle

Flutterby Magic is a welcome addition for people who love butterflies.

A combination of flowers to encourage all pollinators to the garden.

The “Flutterby Magic” bundle includes:
Cosmos – Fizzy Mix
Hesperis – Sweet Rocket (purple)

The images shown are not necessarily the same variety in this bundle.

plant size

Plant Size

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Ideal type of garden

Ideal Garden

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Flutterby Magic seed bundle is a lovely combination of flower seeds to encourage more butterflies and moths to inhabit our gardens.

This collection provides an abundance of flowers throughout the growing season, early May right through to October, resulting in plenty of nectar and pollen for your visitors. Butterfly heaven. Flutterby Magic includes 3 envelopes of flowers seeds, perfect for pollinators and wildlife support, but also for cut flowers.

Each flower has been chosen as they are a firm favourite of our bees and pollinators. They have also been carefully selected to ensure flowers for most of the season, lasting until the Autumn.

Hesperis can be sown in the Autumn for flowers the following Spring. Feverfew provides the Summer flowers. And finally, Cosmos flowers from May until October.

Sow each seed type in individual groups, or put then all together in a jam jar together and shake up to get a colourful mix to enhance any garden.

Flutterby Magic will encourage lots of bees and pollinators to any garden. I grow each of these flowers in my garden and they’re loved by all the butterflies and pollinators.

* These seeds can also be purchased as a Gift Set.

The images shown are not necessarily the same variety in this bundle. 

The Seeds

A little about the flowers included in this seed bundle.

Cosmos – Fizzy Mix: Cosmos is really easy to grow, it’s reliable, and produce heaps of blooms. Fizzy Mix is a bubbly mixture of attractive semi-double flowers of white, pink, and a deep crimson. But some flowers are plain others are mottled so you never know what colour or combination each flower will be. (approx 75 seeds)

Feverfew: A delicate looking semi evergreen medicinal herb. It has attractive golden foliage and pretty ornamental, white daisy flowers throughout summer. The flowers can be dried and added to pot pourri for an aromatic fragrance. And it can be used in cooking making it a very versatile addition to the garden. (approx 75 seeds).

Hesperis – Sweet Rocket: Charming, large spikes of single, lilac and purple flowers are produced in the spring filling the air with their delicious sweet and spicy evening fragrance. This flower is a big attraction for butterflies and other beneficial insects at an important time of year. (approx 200 seeds).

Flutterby Magic is a lovely combination, providing flowers throughout the growing season. I grow each of these flowers in my garden and they’re loved by all the butterflies and pollinators.

* Please note the number of seeds are approximate as they are sold by weight and not physically counted .


What's included

The “Flutterby Magic” seed bundle includes:
Cosmos – Fizzy Mix
Hesperis – Sweet Rocket (Purple)
A plant label with each seed packet

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Flutterby Magic Seed Bundle

Flutterby Magic Seed Bundle


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