Kitchen Favourites Grow Kit

All herbs grow especially well on a windowsill, and there’s nothing better than having the herbs you use these most growing fresh in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Favourites Grow Kit includes:
Moss curled Parsley
Sweet Basil

Plus all the materials you need to grow them in your kitchen. (The full list of items can be found under the “What’s included” tab.)

Kitchen Favourites grow kit contains the 3 most popular herbs used in cooking; basil, chives and parsley.

You don't need a garden to grow tasty herbs. A kitchen windowsill herb garden brings nature indoors while also bringing fresh flavors to anything you cook and whilst a windowsill in the kitchen is most convenient any window in your home will work.

* All of these seeds can be purchased as a Seed Bundle.

The Seeds

A little about the herbs included in this Grow Kit.

Chives: Perennial clumps of onion-flavoured chives with tender, spear-like green leaves. Delicious in all egg, potato and cheese dishes, in salads, and sprinkled over soups and potatoes. Chive blossoms can be tossed in a salad or used to garnish a dish. (approx 25 seeds)

Moss curled parsley: This parsley is a robust and fairly easy to grow parsley. It’s brilliant for flavouring stocks, soups, and sauces or raw in salads. (approx 30 seeds)

Sweet Basil – Genovese: The best and most aromatic basil, with a sweet taste and soft, tender texture. Perfect raw with tomatoes and as the main ingredient for a fresh pesto. In summer, stash the flavour away in basil oil to use on pasta and salads right through the winter. (approx 40 seeds)

* Please note the number of seeds are approximate as they are sold by weight and not physically counted .


What's included

The Kitchen Favourites Grow Kit includes:
Moss curled Parsley
Sweet Basil – Genovese
A plant label with each seed packet
3 coir blocks
3 metal buckets/pots
1 pair of snips (colour of handle may vary)

Kitchen Favourites Grow Kit

Kitchen Favourites Grow Kit


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