Kitchen Favourites Seed Bundle

All herbs grow especially well on a windowsill, and there’s nothing better than having the herbs you use these most growing fresh in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Favourites seed bundle includes:
Moss curled Parsley
Sweet Basil

plant size

Plant Size

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Ideal type of garden

Ideal Garden

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Kitchen Favourites seed bundle contains the 3 most popular herbs used in cooking; basil, chives and parsley.

You don't need a garden to grow tasty herbs. A kitchen windowsill herb garden brings nature indoors while also bringing fresh flavours to anything you cook and whilst a windowsill in the kitchen is most convenient any window in your home will work.

* All of these seeds can be purchased as a Grow Kit.

The Seeds

A little about the herbs included in this seed bundle.

Chives: Perennial clumps of onion-flavoured chives with tender, spear-like green leaves. Delicious in all egg, potato and cheese dishes, in salads, and sprinkled over soups and potatoes. Chive blossoms can be tossed in a salad or used to garnish a dish. (approx 25 seeds)

Moss curled parsley: This parsley is a robust and fairly easy to grow parsley. It’s brilliant for flavouring stocks, soups, and sauces or raw in salads. (approx 150 seeds)

Sweet Basil – Genovese: The best and most aromatic basil, with a sweet taste and soft, tender texture. Perfect raw with tomatoes and as the main ingredient for a fresh pesto. In summer, stash the flavour away in basil oil to use on pasta and salads right through the winter. (approx 200 seeds)

* Please note the number of seeds are approximate as they are sold by weight and not physically counted .


What's included

The Kitchen Favourites seed bundle includes:
Moss curled Parsley
Sweet Basil – Genovese
A plant label with each seed packet

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Kitchen Favourites Seed Bundle

Kitchen Favourites Seed Bundle


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